Seven Teachings

There was a time on Earth when the Anishinabai people became troubled and ill.  The Creator sent Seven Grandfathers to Earth to select a young boy, bring him back to the Sky World, instruct him on how to heal his people, and teach him how to live in harmony with all of Creation.  The Seven Grandfathers brought the young boy back to their lodge in the Sky World.  Once inside, the Seven Grandfathers brought a vessel out and placed it in front of him.  When the boy looked inside the vessel, he could see all of the past and all of the future, and he was overwhelmed joy.  Each Grandfather took a different gift from the vessel and rubbed it on the boy.  When each had completed his task, they sent the boy back to his people.  The boy stopped seven times to rest on his journey home, and each time he stopped,  a spirit came to him and explained the significance of each gift.  The spirit also told the boy that each gift had an opposite, and he must explain all aspects of these gifts to his people.  By the time the young boy arrived back in his village, many years had passed by on Earth, and he was now an old man.  He shared the gifts from the Seven Grandfathers with his people, and taught them how to overcome their illness and disease.  He instructed them on the sacredness of all life on Earth, the medicinal and spiritual properties of plants, the importance of maintaining balance in ones' own life, and how to live in peace and harmony with all of Creation.