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Hundreds of original Ace art cards have been shared around the globe since 2004.

Ace began producing original handmade mixed media art cards back in 2004.  These popular photo-transfer and mixed media folded acid-free cards measure 13 x 18 cm in size with envelope. Over the years, they have been sold, traded, gifted, mailed and shared. Many have also kept them, framing them as original works of art. In the early years, Ace would bring 20 or 30 cards at a time to conferences, art openings, social gatherings and parties, and they quickly sold out. Over the years, many people became repeat customers, regularly placing special orders and subsequently writing in them and mailing them out to their friends, family and colleagues around the globe. Ace periodically documented these cards, usually in groupings, and sometimes individually, but for the most part, the majority are undocumented and remain as small private works of art. Although Ace still sporadically produces art cards, they remain collectable and rare.