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2020 Additions to the City of Ottawa Art Collection

Hindsight: 2020 Additions to the City of Ottawa Art Collection will be presented in an exhibition spanning two gallery spaces at City Hall; Karsh-Masson Gallery and City Hall Art Gallery. A selection of the 93 artworks by 61 artists will be shown including work by 24 artists new to the Collection, documentation of four permanent public art commissions completed in 2020, artworks acquired by donation and a special presentation of Microcosm, a pivot initiative launched by the Public Art Program in 2020. Please note there will not be an opening event for this exhibition.

Hindsight: 2020 Additions to the City of Ottawa Art Collection presents artworks that address many fraught issues highlighted by the pandemic, including racial and gender inequity, political discord, poverty, migration, the environmental crisis, physical vulnerability and psychological breakdown.

This exhibition will be presented in two galleries at City Hall:

Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Limited access through the Laurier entrance only. 

A short video will be released in January 2021 to highlight the artworks showcased in this exhibition. Visit for updates.

More about the City of Ottawa 2020 Acquisition (here).

Featured Artists:

Barry Ace, Alexander Angnaluak, Fiona Annis, Gabriela Avila-Yiptong, Karen Bailey, Julie Beauchemin, John Benn, Judith Berry, Barbara Carlson, Chromogenic Curmudgeons, Kristina Corre, Joyce Crago, Pixie Cram, Lynda Cronin, Betty Davison, Brendan de Montigny, Jennifer Dickson, Maura Doyle, Kimberly Edgar, Rosalie Favell, Laurena Finéus, Atticus Gordon, Colwyn Griffith, José Guénette, Claudia Gutierrez, Lynda Hall, Erin Hunt, Sarah Jaworski, Olivia Johnston, David Kaarsemaker, Gillian King, Donald Kwan and Justy Lisa Dennis, Sébastien Lafleur, Claude Latour, Jim Logan, Lesia Maruschak, Henri Masson, Natasha Mazurka, Julie Melaschenko, Caroline Monnet, Francis Montillaud, Jennifer Anne Norman, Anne Orton, Jose Palacios, Christos Pantieras, Sasha Phipps, Barry Pottle, Susan Pritchard, Benjamin Rodger, Komi Seshie, Sally Lee Sheeks, Ranajit Sinha, Andrew Smith, Katherine Takpannie, Amy Thompson, Guillermo Trejo, Carol Wainio, Robert Waters, Joyce Westrop, Colin White, Anna Williams