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Ace’s work is now represented by Heffel in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal. Established as a Fine Art Auction House in 1995, Heffel also offers a diversity of contemporary artworks available for purchase through private sale by a select stable of artists and artist estates. The works of David Blackwood, Barry Ace, the Estate of Joe Fafard and the Estate of Betty Goodwin are now represented and showcased in Heffel’s galleries across Canada.

On April 22, 2021 Heffel launched a new artist profile on their website for Ace’s work in a dedicated private sale gallery. Heffel has also raised the bar with their new and innovative approach to presenting Ace’s artwork to their clientele. Each work is not only professionally and meticulously photographed along with detailed images but is also accompanied by an exclusive essay. Leah Snyder of the L Project was invited to contribute these essays, based on her personal interviews with the artist and through her own insightful and well-researched approach to writing. She has creatively captured the meaning and intent behind each of Ace’s works that when read together, delve deep into the cultural context and also reveal outward connections to his expansive oeuvre. Leah has worked closely with numerous artists and arts organizations over the years and has written extensively on culture, technology and contemporary art, most notably, her recent work as a contributing writer to the National Gallery of Canada’s Magazine.

Heffel issued a featured newsletter on April 22, 2021 highlighting this initiative on Ace’s work to their network of national and international art collecting clientele.

For more information on available works at Heffel (here).

The L Project post: “PUBLICATION: Essays for Barry Ace’s Digital Catalogue with Heffel” (here).