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Ace’s Bandolier for Minnie Sutherland is an honouring work and a homage to the memory of Minnie Sutherland. Her tragic story should never be forgotten. Minnie Sutherland was a 40-year old Cree woman from Kashechawan First Nation, and a victim of overt racism by the police, troubling stereotyping and medical neglect. She is one of too many in a long list of victims who have succumbed to either racism, homophobia, hate crimes, stereotyping, and abuse.  The work is integral to the history of the National Capital Region, and bookends in the same year the tragic homophobic slaying of Alain Brosseau in 1989. With the recent death of Joyce Echaquan who was racially taunted as she lay dying in her hospital bed in the Province of Québec on September 28, 2020, Bandolier to Minnie Sutherland draws attention to the fact that after 31 years, Canada has still not addressed racism and systemic racism in this country.

Bandolier for Minnie Sutherland was featured in the exhibition To Be Continued: Troubling the Queer Archive curated by Cara Tierney and Anna Shah Hoque at the Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) from September 24 to May 16, 2021.

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