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Une histoire de réussite | A Journey from Coast to Coast runs from February 23 to May 7, 2023 at La Guilde (Montreal, Quebec).

A non-profit organization since 1906, La Guilde is committed to support and encourage Inuit, First Nations, Métis, and Fine Crafts artists to ensure the viability of their artistic practices. It offers a space of sharing and exploration through a wide range of exhibitions, cultural activities, and educational programs to develop knowledge, as well as raise awareness and openness. La Guilde continues to preserve and develop a permanent collection of Canadian art.

The exhibition Une histoire de réussite | A Journey from Coast to Coast is meant to bring forward people, places, and events that laid the foundation and shaped La Guilde as an arts organization. By reading the documents and piecing together the story within the exhibition, you can interpret the work done and the events that made La Guilde the organization it is today.

In addition to presenting documents from its archives, works from its permanent collection, and the overall vision of the women who founded the organization, La Guilde invited Barry Ace, Jordan Bennett, Nadia Myre, and Melissa Peter-Paul to present their works. These contemporary artists connect past and present in their work through techniques, materials, visual languages, or subject matters. Each artwork shown in this exhibition presents, in its own way, a connection to a part of La Guilde’s history. Overall, the exhibition addresses identity, history, growth, and land—through the physical territory, the space we travel, and our footprint.

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