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Radical Stitch at the Art Gallery of Hamilton from February 11 to August 28, 2023.

Beading is one of the defining mediums of contemporary Indigenous art on this continent, and this landmark exhibition brings much needed critical attention to the breadth and impact of this practice.

Radical Stitch looks at the contemporary and transformative context of beading through the aesthetic innovations of artists and the tactile beauty of beads. Beading materials and techniques are rooted in both culturally informed traditions and cultural adaptation, and function as a place of encounter, knowledge transfer, and acts of resistance. Connecting to a tradition of making, exercised over thousands of years, this skill-based practice ties one artist to another, past to present and beyond.

The exhibition includes a range of work from the customary to the contemporary, with a variety of approaches, concepts, and purposes. Gathering together top artists from across North America/Turtle Island, the selected pieces exemplify current and future directions of some of the most exciting and impressive practices. The works in Radical Stitch invite viewers to immerse themselves in the political, creative, and aesthetic dimensions of beadwork.

Artists in this exhibition include:

Barry Ace
Marcus Amerman
Judy Anderson
Kristen Auger
Kaylyn Baker
Christi Belcourt
Catherine Blackburn
Katherine Boyer
Marcia Chickeness
Hannah Claus
Ruth Cuthand
Marcy Friesen
Teri Greeves
Joyce Growing Thunder
Justine Gustafson
Babe & Carla Hemlock
Bev Koski
Jennine Krauchi
Jean Marshall
Audie Murray
Nadia Myre
Margaret Nazon
Shelley Niro
Elias Not Afraid
Jamie Okuma
Sandra Okuma
Taqralik Partridge
Alesia & Farlan Quetawki
Samuel Thomas
Olivia Whetung
Dyani White Hawk
Kenneth Williams Jr.
Nico Williams
Will Wilson


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