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In 2018, four Memory Landscape II mixed media works were acquired for the Government of Ontario Art Collection (Toronto, Ontario) and have now been installed in the suite of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Queen’s Park, Toronto).

Memory Landscape is a visual aide-mémoire drawn from Ace’s personal photography from the 1980s of his many canoe trips and travels taken with his late childhood friend throughout the Manitoulin and Algoma districts of Ontario. These simulated birch bark scrolls are printed directly onto canvas and then hand-beaded with motifs and iconography. These contemporary works reference historic Anishinaabe mnemonic scrolls used in the documentation and safe keeping of sacred information. There are two distinct suites. Memory Landscape I (2014) is an autobiographical travelogue consisting of 22 diptych works containing self-portraits and personal photographs of his late childhood friend that are to be read as a complete set. Individual works from this suite cannot be acquired separately. Memory Landscape II (2018) is a unique suite of 22 diptych variations depicting primarily photographic landscapes drawn from Ace’s photography from the 1980s. These diptychs can be acquired separately.

Memory Landscape I #1 and #2 of 22 (2014) 33cm x 81cm, mixed media. Collection of the Artist.

The Government of Ontario Art Collection was the first publicly funded art collection in Canada. Dating from 1853, it currently numbers over 2,700 original works of art. Many of these works can be found in Ontario’s Legislative Buildings in Toronto and in ministries and government offices throughout the city. A significant number are also located in over 30 towns and cities across the province. Broad in scope and eclectic in nature, the collection is made up of historical and contemporary paintings, works on paper, indoor and outdoor sculpture, official portraits and antique furnishings and decorative objects

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is made up of members of provincial Parliament (MPPs) who are elected by Ontarians to represent them and their constituencies. The Legislative Assembly’s main responsibilities are to debate and pass legislation, to hold the government to account, and to approve government spending. The Legislative Assembly meets in the Legislative Building located in Queen’s Park in Toronto.

The Office of the Legislative Assembly provides administration and operational support to the Legislative Assembly. Employees of the Office of the Legislative Assembly offer non-partisan support and service to MPPs. The Office of the Legislative Assembly is made up of several branches.

The Honourable Ted Arnott, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Chief Presiding Officer, is responsible for both policy and operations of the Legislative Precinct which includes the Legislative Building, its surrounding grounds and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the Whitney Block. The Speaker also chairs the Board of Internal Economy which reviews and approves operating policy for the Office of the Assembly, governs the Assembly’s financial affairs, including the review of the estimates.

Memory Landscape I

Memory Landscape II